BodyZorbing Hire

The very same Zorbs used in the BubbleFootball where your torsos are encased in a clear, protective sphere, players can hurl themselves into action. Opposing teams will collide, rebound and roll head-over-heals as they battle for the win, safely cushioned by their inflatable body zorbs.

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BodyZorbing Hire (How it works?)

BodyZorbing Hire is ideal for fetes, charity fundraisers, shows & much more!

BodyZorbs are hired by many councils across the UK, one bing Oxford Council Play Days “they bring the footfall in, there are customers queuing all day”!

Typical set up is 5 Zorbs in a fenced off area where you would charge per go this can be typically £2 – £3 for 5minutes, they group of 5 would battle it out against each other or simply attempt forward & backwards rolls.

Ages from 5 to Adults! Great revenue maker for events.


Day Hire (6hrs) from £350.00

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BodyZorbing Arena Hire

With our 10m2 arena you will complete the BodyZorbing Hire Package! We recommend it for events where space is limited or high volume of customer numbers.

Arena Price : £50-100

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