Bubble Football Locations

We have eight hand picked venues which we consider as our main venues and have used for many years but do remember we can come to your desired location also, see below for many more locations we cover. We also cover anywhere within a 250mile radius of Bournemouth.

BubbleFootball Birthday Parties from £150.00 indoor venues available for Birthdays.

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Add Archery Tag to any booking for just £150.00!

BubbleFootball Locations

Popular Questions & Answers!

Who can participate?

All ages from 7yrs and up. (Check our our Birthday Packages!)

Do you have to know how to play football?

As long as you know how to kick a ball you will do just fine!
On topic…. Suarez bites are strictly not allowed!

Will I fit?

YES! Our Zorbs have large openings and adjustable straps.

What Surface do we play on?

We use mainly 3G Surfaces, all of our venues have 3G. This is an artificial grass with rubber to soften impacts. We sometimes have to use Grass & Astro if 3G is unavailable. We prefer not to do indoor bookings because of the safety, hence none of our venues are indoors.

What makes you different from other companies?

Good question, Vertigo have been trading for over 10 years, we have over 7years experience with running Zorb football sessions that makes us one of the longest running Zorb company in the UK. With more than 10,000 happy customers why choose any one else?

Is Zorbing Safe?

Yes, because we use the best Zorbs available we have very little injuries, do remember that BodyZorbing is a very physical activity so the odd scratch is inevitable! Our Zorbs are made in the UK, and are approved which means they are highly durable.

Are the Zorbs clean?

Yes, we clean the Zorbs before every session with anti bacteria. They are pressure washed weekly during the months from June-Nov. and replaced accordingly.

Do I need to book a venue?

Its up to you, we use many venues across the UK.

What you need to bring?

-Plenty of drinks ( soft drinks only, sorry :(! )
-Trainers, No studded footwear or blades.

What will be the the surface at our venue?

Astro/3G or grass. We do not operate bookings indoors where the surface is not 3G. Laminate/Wood/Concrete flooring can really damage your knees. 3G Surfaces are all weather surfaces which doesn’t stop us from Zorbing!

How does the session run?

Firstly our trained staff member will brief the participants, this takes around 5mins. Then we will show you how to put the Zorbs on. We run 5 Aside football to start with (depending on the booking).

EXAMPLE Typically and hour Session will consist of 10min sessions :
10min Zorb Football
2min Break
10min Zorb Football
2min Break
10min Bulldog
2min Break
10min Last man Standing
Free For All.

Any more questions feel free to drop us an email!