**Coronavirus statement**

As you are aware we are facing unprecedented times and we have currently put a hold on taking any further bookings for 2020 until we have a clear picture of the future.

At present we are officially closed, however you can still get in touch with us via email/call. We appreciate some of our customers bookings are late on into the summer and we will hope to be able to fulfil these bookings.

If you have booked in the months of March, April, May we have cancelled all these bookings, you will be entitled to re book with us at a later date for no additional charge.

If you have any queries don’t hesitate to email us or call us.

At this point we are not able to offer refunds, every year we have a what we a call a refund reserve fund which is £12,000 which just below 20% of our turnover this money was used for refunds by customers within 3 days of the social distancing stage of the outbreak.

We are a small business that has been finically hit very hard by this outbreak, we employ three members of staff all of which we are currently unable to pay due to cash flow reasons.

We receive most of our bookings through may April/May however we have so far received none, this expected money have hampered our cash-flow. We are endeavouring to receive financial funding from the government to sustain our business.

We ask our customers kindly to wait to see if we can obtain this. We are trying to be very honest and forthcoming with our customers at this time and we hope that you feel some compassion to what we are trying to achieve.

Our terms and conditions are attached which outline that we don’t have to offer refunds due to pandemics including quarantining, this was written by a solicitor about 13 years ago and we didn’t even know this was on here, however we know this sucks so we are trying out best to offer refunds where we can.