Peddlers are great if your trying to find something quirky for the young people at your event. Work really well with children under 12s, up to two people at a time in the Peddlers making them great for fundraisers.

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Ideal for Charity Events, School Fetes & Fundraisers

Questions & Answers


Flat ground ideally 8m2.


We supply a 7m2 Pool, to fill the pool to the required level this would be around 4,000litres depending on how flat the ground is. If your on a meter its good to point out this costs roughly £10-£20. Local Fire Service are sometimes able to supply water. Time required is 5hrs to fill.

Now you got 5,000 litres how do you get rid of it?

Two Options, 1. We deflate the Pool. 2. Pump the water away to anywhere within 50m’s (drain/river/wooded area), this takes roughly 20-30mins.

Weight Restriction?

Combined 15stone.


No minimal age with parental supervision, up to age 12. As seen in photos it can support a young adult.

Why no prices?

Prices range drastically, Day hire : anything from £200.00 to £500.00.

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