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Its time to test your balance skills with Vertigo’s Surf Simulator. Taking the idea from the RodeoBull its turns and twists to test your stamina and balance! In the competitive spirit there is a leaderboard keeping track of everyones times!

Ideal for all ages, from years 8 and up.

Roll on the BEACH BOYS . . .

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Ideal for Themed Parties, Night Clubs, Fundraisers & Garden Parties!

Questions & Answers


Prices vary. To add on to your existing booking with us it would cost £150-250.


7m2 Area Flat Area

Power Supply?

TWO 3 Pin 13amp Sockets. “Generators” we don’t recommend using generator as this can cause damage to sensitive equipment within the Surf Simulator.

Can you hire a generator for the Surf Simulator?

We use handheld briefcase generators which are not powerful enough to power the Surfing Simulator.

Age Restrictions?

From us its above 5years with parents/guardians discretion.

Can you Surf in the rain?

Out on the Sea yes! But unfortunately being an electric simulator we cannot operate the Simulator safely in the rain, it can go inside.



What makes ours different from others?

This Simulator was built purely for the Surf Board, it isn’t for example a Surf Board on a Rodeo machine. Vertigo will provide you with a professional, enjoyable & safe experience with approved equipment.

Does it damage the surface?

No, this is because we use protective rubber mats.

Do you staff the simulator?

Most of the time yes, its a self functioning automatic system with little room for human error for this reason we do hire this out without staff on occasions.

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