Water Rollers

WaterZorbs with a face lift! The new WaterRollers are permanently inflated sausage shape spheres! Up to two people per roller, making them more enjoyable experiance. The WaterRollers have a continuous air supply making them far safer that the WaterZorbs also meaning the Children can enjoy the experience longer.

Ideal for ages 6 and up.

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WaterRollers are great for Fundraisers, County Shows, Birthday Parties, Pool Parties ....

Up to two people can go on them at the same time!

How do they compare to Water Zorbing?

The main difference is that they are fully inflated at all times, and you simply jump into the middle. This means there is a better turn around with getting people in an out.

They are very safe, they are double skinned and there is a safety rope attatched the WaterRollerz at all times.

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Information :

WaterRollers are the very latest in the Zorbing Craze! They are made out of a high quality TPU material, they measure about 2m’s in length, holding up to two people with a combined weight of 20stone. A safety rope is attached to the Zorb to ensure maximum safety, the Rollers have an entrance hole both ends of the Zorb this enables fresh cool air to pass through the Zorb, meaning no limitation on time due to oxygen levels and not exhaustion because of heat.

Frequent Questions

Can Adults Use the Rollers?

“Yes however only 1 Adult per Roller. (1Adult 1Child is fine)

  • We have our own pool can we just hire the Rollers?

“Yes, we ask for a photo of the Pool before hand”.

  • Age Restrictions?

“We say no under 5’s”

  • How do you get remove all the water?

“We use a pump to direct the water to anywhere within 50m’s.

  • Do you hire the Zorbs as equipment only?

“Yes on a booking to booking basis”

  • Charity Discount?

“Yes please go to the charity section on our website”

  • Weight Limit?


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