What is Zorbing?

About Zorbs?

Zorbs were invented in New Zealend in 1994,

these where the traditional Land Zorbing (Down the Hill)

What are they made off?

Zorbs are made of a very high quality plastic called Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

Bubble Football?

Coming from the original Zorb. Invented around 2008 we started doing Zorb Football in Bournemouth in 2009.

Are they expensive?

High Quality TPU Zorbs cost a tremendous amount of money average per Zorb runs into the thousands.


WaterZorbing has been around since 1998. WaterZorbs are made of that same quality TPU Plastic.

Are Zorbs Dangerous?

Yes when not used correctly. Cheap quality Zorb are highly dangerous. There has been no reported injuries from Bubble Football (BodyZorbing)